Paying FBLA Dues is a Two Step Process

Bottom Line:

  1. For a middle level chapter to participate in the Capital Region's events, a chapter payment of $20.00 must be paid.
  2. To maintain an active middle level chapter status, state and national dues must also be paid for each FBLA member. 

***Do NOT send any membership forms or dues checks to the State Office.***

Step One:  Capital Regional Middle Level Dues Procedure

Regional dues are paid annually

  • Select link below, print document, and complete the membership form as instructed.
  • Write check (made payable to FBLA Capital Region).
  • Send the check and the Capital FBLA membership form to:

201415_Capital_Region_FBLA_dues_letter.pdf (297,6 kB)

 Keisha Tennessee

Capital Region FBLA Regional Director

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage

8301 Hungary Spring Rd

 Henrico, Virginia  23228

Step Two:  State and National Dues Procedure

State and national dues are paid annually. VA FBLA has a unified membership; State and national dues must be sent in one check to the national FBLA membership dues lockbox found at

  • Complete the on-line membership as instructed in the national mailing
  • Click Membership and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Write ONE check (made payable to FBLA) for both state and national dues.
  • Send the check and the state and national copies of the membership form to:

          National Membership Dues
          P.O. Box 79063
          Baltimore, MD 21279-0063


Capital Region FBLA Director
8301 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico, VA 23228


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