Paying FBLA Dues is a Two Step Process

Bottom Line:

  1. For a high school chapter to participate in the FBLA Capital Region's events, a chapter payment of $75.00 must be paid.
  2. To maintain an active middle school chapter status, state and national dues must also be paid for each FBLA member. 

Do not send any membership forms or dues checks to the State Office.

Step One:  Capital Regional High Schools Dues Procedure

Regional dues are paid annually.

  • Select link below, print document, and complete the membership form as instructed.
  • Write check (made payable to Capital FBLA Region).
  • Send the check and the Capital FBLA membership form to:

201415_Capital_Region_FBLA_dues_letter.pdf (297,6 kB)

Keisha Tennessee, Capital FBLA Regional Director

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage

8301 Hungary Spring Rd

Henrico, Virginia  23228

Step Two:  State and National Dues Procedure

State and national dues are paid annually. VA FBLA has a unified membership; state and national dues must be sent in one check to the national FBLA membership dues lockbox found at

  • Complete the on-line membership as instructed in the national mailing
  • Click Membership and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Write ONE check (made payable to FBLA) for both state and national dues.
  • Send the check and the state and national copies of the membership form to:

National Membership Dues


P.O. Box 79063

Baltimore, MD 21279-0063



Capital Region FBLA Director
8301 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico, VA 23228


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